Continuously Coached-The Quadfather Olympic Weightlifting Program

As coaches, we sometimes forget what it is like to be coached. We spend so much time looking out for others and their programming that we sometimes forget or minimize our own journey.

One of my passions is the sport of Olympic weightlifting. I’m by no means an expert, but I enjoy the beauty of the movements and the journey Olympic weightlifting takes you on. You have to think about the movement to learn it, but then you must not think while doing it (thinking=slow). 


Clean + Jerk:

I had been following a program for almost a year and had seen solid results. However, I was just ready for something new. The old routine had run its course. After a few months of doing my own thing, I was ready to jump in to another program and continue learning.

There’s two massive positives I take away from having a coach. First, I don’t have to program my own training. It’s there ready to go for me. This is something athletes and clients enjoy. Also, I get to sit back and learn. Each coach has his or her style. Following a program can be one of the greatest learning tools around.

When it was time to jump back in to a program, I reached out to my friend Brad Wirth. Brad loves the Olympic movements and was eager to help. He set me up with a 12-week Olympic lifting cycle. You may remember Brad from Bomenclature Podcast #5 (

Sample Training Session:

At the start, I was consistently hitting a 175 lb snatch (my lifetime PR was 200 lb) and a 220 lb clean + jerk (lifetime PR of 255 lb). I definitely wasn’t at my best, but it was something to start with. These numbers are nowhere near world class, but I enjoy trying to stay ahead in lb what the elite lift in kg. 

Now eight weeks in, the magic is happening.

I just wrapped up my day 1 route for week eight. After a few triples, doubles, and singles, the goal was to work up to a heavy snatch with no misses. Last week, I did a smooth 185 lb and called it. This week, I promised myself I would keep going if I felt good.

The result:

185 lb- Successful

195 lb- Successful

200 lb- Successful

205 lb- Successful (lifetime PR)

215 lb- Near miss

 205 lb 

205 lb 

I know I wasn’t supposed to miss, but I was feeling good so I had to try! I sent the videos to Brad for some coaching. His response, “I actually like you set up on 215 more than 205. Maybe on a day where you try to go for it with less work leading up, you’ll have it!”

Thanks coach!

I challenge you to find a coach. Continue learning. Stay hungry.

Check back in another four weeks for my final recap! 

The Quadfather-Brad Wirth

Posted on June 28, 2016 .