Build your base

Do you feel lost when it comes to building meaningful strength for sport, fitness, or life? Maybe you are sick of stepping into a weight room without a plan to follow. Strength training is a valuable component to your health and performance but it also can seem overwhelming and hard to figure out how to get started. Do you want to increase your comfort with strength movements that utilize your bodyweight, dumbbells, and a barbell? If you’re ready to build strength that doesn’t just express itself in the weight room but impacts all aspects of your performance, Build Your Base is for you.

any of these sound like you?


Whether you're advanced or a beginner, plateaus happen. These can be frustrating and it feels like you're just repeatedly banging your head against a wall. Build Your Base will challenge you with exercises that will target your weaknesses, strengthen your planes of motion, and optimize your pathway to performance.


Building meaningful strength is all about progression! With this program, you will learn how to strive for gradual weekly improvements. If you don't know where to start with weight selection, don't worry! Build Your Base comes equipped with guided tutorials to teach you about how to start and how to progress.


Do you like to be challenged? If you thrive on learning new movements, focusing on the details, and reaping the rewards, let's get started! With strategic testing, you will get to see how your hard work is paying off throughout the course of the program. Stop settling for a program that is failing to meet your needs.

This program is for you if…

You have access to a typical gym environment (dumbbells, barbells, pull up bar, medicine balls, etc.).

You are looking for a program that will guide you through progression and challenge you with all planes of motion.

You don’t believe in overnight fixes and are willing to be consistent.

You understand that this program will only be successful if you put in the effort.

Program Delivery


Build Your Base is delivered through a user friendly app platform. Your purchase comes with built in assessments, exercise video demonstrations, and the ability to track your progress. Let’s get started!

“Thanks to Bo and his constant assessment, intervention, and re-design of the program, I was able to complete the swim from England to France.”
— John T.