You might be new to training or you might be a seasoned athlete with years of experience. Regardless of training status, you want a foundation that is going to minimize aches and pains, allows for progression and optimizes your performance in sport, fitness, and life. The Foundational Fix program will provide you with 12-weeks of effective progressions that you can complete with minimal equipment. You only need access to your bodyweight, a band, and a pull-up bar.

any of these sound like you?


While we all have weaknesses, we should always strive to improve upon our weaknesses. Making even the slightest improvement of your weaknesses will allow your strengths to be maximized. You might already know this. Now you just need to see the path to improving these weaknesses. Want to improve your ability to complete movements like the pull-up, push-up, and many others? Foundational Fix will show you the way.


Let's face it, injuries are mentally and physically demoralizing. The more time you spend injured, the further you regress away from your goals. Establishing a strong physical foundation is critical to continued injury prevention over the course of your life. From establishing proper joint range of motion to improving your performance measures, Foundational Fix will improve your trajectory.


You have probably fallen victim to a program that failed to deliver results. You put in the time and completed the training without seeing the results. This is extremely frustrating. Foundational Fix is guided by you! Based off of your performance scores, you’ll know when you’re ready to progress or when to spend more time in a certain phase. Trust the process. Train with purpose. See the results you want to see.

This program is for you if…

You have access to a pull-up bar, a resistance band, and your bodyweight.

You are looking for a program that uses minimal equipment and teaches proper progression.

You don’t believe in overnight fixes and are willing to be consistent.

You understand that this program does not include any barbell or dumbbell exercises.

You are looking for something that can be done in a gym, at home, or on the road.

Program Delivery


Foundational Fix is delivered through a user friendly app platform. Your purchase comes with built in assessments, exercise video demonstrations, and the ability to track your progress.What are you waiting for?

“After a month of doing your program, I feel tremendously better. I mean it really makes a difference, so I thank you very, very much!”
— Susan B.