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Your body is a beautifully complex system that loves to solve any challenge it encounters. Your body can be fascinating, frustrating, and fun all in the same day! At some point along the way, you decided to accept that aging means slowing down and giving up on performance goals. You decided to accept that, physically, your best days are behind you and there's nothing you can do about it. Stop living this lie.

Performance is a lifelong endeavor that you can enjoy for years to come. Life. Is. A. Performance. Aging does happen but it doesn't have to become this uncontrollable beast that we fear. A strategic approach to your training will unlock your performance potential from your youth all the way to your senior years.

Welcome to Bomenclature! We are here to help you navigate the effects of aging and achieve a new level of performance in sport, fitness, AND life!

From pulling a 400-lb deadlift to breaking 20-seconds in the 50 freestyle, the human body loves to figure out ways to achieve a new skill. Whether you’re a parent looking to drive health and wellness changes or an athlete looking to achieve a new level of performance, there is a place for you here!




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