Well we are turning the corner for fall! Summer absolutely flew by and the month of August was particularly fast! Maybe you pieced together a solid month of training. Maybe you were just getting started. Maybe you're in need of a fresh start. September is a great month to refocus your training efforts and see where your limitations are.

For the month of September you will either be focusing on Single Sided Strength(Performance) or Range & Stability(Prevention). Both of these focuses will point out some limitations and challenge you to bring up your weaker half. Start this month by watching the video notes for the track of programming you are following. During the month, keep track of the challenging movements. If something is unilateral in nature, keep track of which arm or leg struggles more with a pattern.

When I find that one side is a bit weaker, I actually like to start with that side. This way I am the most recovered and ready to focus on the task at hand. The same concept applies for mobility work or exercises I know I'm not good at (but need to do). I describe the aversion to these as the childhood you pushing a vegetable you don't want to eat around the plate. Instead of delaying, I like to knock these movements out of the way early. It minimizes the mental weight throughout the remainder of the session.

This month's office hour will be on September 12th at 12:30 pm Eastern. I will send a link out ahead of time for you to join during the live segment. The recording will also be sent out afterwards.

As always, if you have any questions, post them to the team feed or email



Training Days

The each program will have five days of training scheduled. Three of these days will be full training sessions and two days will be regeneration/recovery sessions. You can complete as many or as little as you’d like. We recommend completing at least two of the full sessions and at least one regeneration/recovery session.



If you have a specific event you’re tapering for, let us know via the team feed on the TrainHeroic app or email We will help you with a customized approach.



If you feel the need to stretch, we recommend completing the first block of any of the training sections instead. This section is called “Training Prep.” We like to focus on active range of motion versus a static approach.



Keep an eye on your readiness scores at the beginning of each training session. If you’re spending more than four consecutive days at a 2.5 or lower, it might be time for a few days of complete recovery.


Sport Practice

If you are participating in a sport, we recommend completing the performance program first when you are early in the season. Then as you near your championship phase, switch the sport practice to be first. The prevention program can be done before or after sport practice.