Episode 18-Dan Jackson of Austin Swim Club

Photo: @yojebu

Photo: @yojebu

"Experience is the greatest teacher."

Dan has an absolute mind for the human body. From his thorough understanding of movement to his multi-planar program design, Dan is quickly molding some of the best athletes in the Austin, TX area. He is the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Austin Swim Club.

Here's a fun stat. Austin Swim Club has a mere 23 athletes about two years ago. This past year, 24 athletes alone went to Junior Nationals for swimming. 

Tune in to hear Dan's thoughts about swimming strength & conditioning, performance, the state of the industry, and where we need to go next as coaches!

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Episode 17-Donald "Keith" Stanley

One night, I was headed out to downtown Austin with my roommate and his girlfriend. We called for a Fasten (similar to Uber) and Keith was our driver. Within minutes, I realized Keith had quite the story and felt like it was a story to capture! Read his bio below, check out his book, and tune in for a fun episode! 

After twenty-two years in the natural foods industry, D.K. Stanley left a successful career in incentive compensation to pursue his dream of helping others to achieve their potential. He has been a spiritual seeker and truth student for thirty years. In his travels around the world, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Born and baptized into a Baptist family, his paternal grandfather was a fire-and-brimstone Baptist preacher who did tent revivals. His maternal grandparents were gospel singers. From this beginning, his spiritual path took an interesting road:

Age 6 – Attended Bible classes at a Methodist church in Houston, Texas.
Age 8 – Took Communion and was given his first Bible at a Methodist church in Boise, Idaho.
Age 10 – Parents had become atheists and the family joined the Unitarian church, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Age 24 – Had become a confirmed agnostic.
Age 26 – His mother became a Unitarian minister, which had a significant effect on him.
Age 27 – Started on a conscious spiritual path triggered by having the first prayer of his life answered while in rehab.
Age 33 – Was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and got sober.
Age 37 – Visited India for the first time and prepared to take Amrit—the vows to become a Sikh. While there, he had an amazing meeting with Yogi Bhajan, who popularized Kundalini Yoga in the U.S. beginning in 1968. It was an enlightening experience, but he nevertheless decided against converting. On the same trip, he met the Dalai Lama and recognized that he aligned more with Buddhism than Sikhism, while still being a Christian.
Age 52 – Certified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and wrote “Plus-Sized Yoga: Beginners Yoga for People of All Sizes.”

Book: Plus-Sized Yoga: Beginners Yoga for People of All Sizes

Email: Info@dkcreative.com

Episode 16-Olympic Gold Medalist and Former World Record Holder, Brendan Hansen

What does it take to be Olympic in everyday life? 

Tune in to this episode to hear Olympic gold medalist, Brendan Hansen, drop straight fire. Have you been in a rut and don't know how to get out? Tune in!. Are you looking to take things to the next level in sport, business, or life? Tune in! Want to get inside the mind of a man who was #1 in the world for over a decade? Tune in! 

Want a resume? See below. 

Want to see what Brendan is up to now?

Austin Swim Club Youtube: CLICK HERE

Twitter: @BrendanHansen

Instagram: @BrendanHansen12

Episode 15-Logan Levenson of Argyle Interactive

Contact Logan:



Tips for Building a Brand: 

1. Be Yourself 

2. Create Original Content (video focused)

3. "If you don't give up, you'll build a following."

Corporate Fitness Strategy: 

  • Take office trips 
  • Allow for outlet time 
  • FitBit: Corporate Responsibility Model 

Three Resources for Success: 

1. Google Guide to SEO

2. Mentorship 

3. Social Media 




Episode 14-The Highlights

Highlights #1: 

  • Kristi Polizzano-Powerlifting in Prison (1:11)
  • David Goldman-Nutrition for performance and optimizing health (16:31)
  • Dr. David Weiman-Setting a good mentality for fitness and life (25:20)
  • Abby Wolfe-Finding joy in the fitness journey (36:24)
  • Brad Wirth-The Quadfather (43:41)
  • Jamie Nguyen-Empowerment with the barbell (47:54)

Highlights #2:

  • Keely Henninger-Nike Trail Athlete (:15)
  • Naomi Plasterer-Mastering life in a van (6:24)
  • Brian Ganz-Making lifting a lifestyle (11:26)
  • Ivan Black-Bodyweight mastery (16:55)
  • Ryan Hail-Compartmentalization of fitness (23:39)
  • Lauren Gassman-The ultimate fitness mom (38:25) 


Episode 13-Lauren Gassman

"Preventing sickness is better than treating sickness."-Lauren Gassman 

Are you a new parent struggling to find your identity? Do you think it is the wrong time to carve out your own spot in this world? Do you need so reflective cues to right the ship?

Tune in to this episode to hear LGFIT founder, Lauren Gassman, talk about being an entrepreneurial mom! Lauren decided the right time to start her own company was after having her first child. Listen to her philosophy on training, developing a brand, and how pursuing passion equals keeping one's identity! 

Website: http://www.lgfit.co

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaurenGassmanFitness

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurengassmanfitness/

Episode 12-Ryan Hail

"I was basically in the lab doing stuff on myself and seeing what would happen."-Ryan Hail

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryan.hail.10

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rhail1/

This episode digs into the deep portions of the training world! Ryan Hail drops by the show to discuss fitness education, how to return to a state of play, and how to find the best path for you. 

Interested in starting your own fitness journey in the industry? This episode has plenty of tips to get you started. 

Trying to find more fun with training? Hear Ryan's take on compartmentalization and how to return to a state of play.

Is compartmentalization of your training good or bad? Check out this episode and hear Ryan's take. 


Dr. Kelly Starrett:   http://www.mobilitywod.com

  • Becoming a Supple Leopard 
  • Deskbound 

Ben Greenfield: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com

Mark Rippetoe: http://startingstrength.com

  • Starting Strength

Tim Ferris: http://fourhourworkweek.com/blog/

  • Four Hour Body 

Pavel Tsatsouline: http://www.strongfirst.com/tag/pavel-tsatsouline/

Elliot Hulse: http://elliotthulse.com/newchi/front-page/f

REMINDER: The Performance Nutrition Summit is going on now! It's a fully free summit on many great topics! 


Episode 11-Why Bomenclature?

This episode turns the tables a little bit! 

Bomenclature viewers have questions they want answered. Instead of having a guest on the show, I answer your questions and let you into the mind of Bomenclature. 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit questions! As always, if you enjoy the show, please leave a 5* rating on iTunes.


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The 2016 list of speakers includes Abbie Smith-Ryan, Bob Seebohar, Chelsea Burkart, Joan Eckerson, Dan Pardi, Jay Short, Jeff Rothschild, John Ivy, Jose Antonio, Laura Anderson, Leslie Bonci, MariEtta Parrish, Monica Reinagel, Penny Wilson, Rebecca McConville, Rebecca Scritchfield and Tavis Piattoly.

Learn everything you need to know about maximizing nutrition for performance and recovery. Hear from expert researchers on some of the top performance supplements. Listen to professional sports and performance dietitians and researchers discuss nutrient timing and performance nutrition strategies from metabolic efficiency to intermittent fasting to ketogenic diets. Whether you're an athlete, coach, fitness or health professional, or parent, you'll gain valuable insight to help you or your athlete improve their performance and succeed faster. There are many other topics and presentations that you will enjoy and want to listen to again because of the depth of knowledge presented at the Performance Nutrition Summit.

For more information or to complete your FREE registration just visit performancenutritionsummit.com


Episode 10-Ivan Black

"I've been told that I can keep a client on the verge of a smile and a grimace."-Ivan Black 

Strength (definition): Meeting the challenges of your daily life.

Episode #10 is all about your bodyweight! Tune in to this episode to hear the bodyweight mastermind, Ivan Black, drop some smooth wisdom! 

Hear Ivan talk about the importance of bodyweight/calisthenic training and how to unlock its full potential. 

Who is Ivan Black? 

Live in the Harrisburg, PA area or traveling through? Check out Ivan's facility Next Step Performance! 

Ivan's Goals for 37: 

Ivan's Go To Moves:

  • Squat to Hamstring Stretch 
  • Bridge 
  • Pistol Squat 

Ivan's Measures of Strength:

  • Pull Up
  • Plank 

Want to connect with Ivan?

Instagram: Next Step Performance

Facebook: Next Step Performance

YouTube: Ivan Black Fitness 

YouTube: Next Step Performance

Episode 9-Brian Ganz

Brian is a smooth talking beauty with a passion for performing his best and looking good while doing it! Hear about Brian's professional history and how he navigates the life as a strength coach. 

Brian hits on how to survive the road grind with his athletes by focusing on three key points. 

  • 1)Diet
  • 2)Sleep
  • 3)Posture 

Hear him dissect his love of the Olympic lifts and gleaning the most out of continuing education opportunities.

Brian Ganz quotes on weightlifting

  • "The snatch and the clean & jerk can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. And that's why, in a nutshell, they are so fun and appealing! "
  • "If you perform the Olympic lifts, as far as I'm concerned, you're a weightlifter." 

Brian Ganz quote list: 

  • "If it is important, do it every day. If it isn't, don't do it at all."-Dan John
  • "Well, you gotta do what you gotta do."-Mom
  • "Burn the boats!"-Cortez




Episode 8-Naomi Plasterer

Run. Climb. Fly. Live Simply. 

These are the four pillars that make up Naomi Plasterer. Naomi is a full time software engineer for Github. She loves the engineering world but that's just the start.

Naomi calls Tahoe and Yosemite her home! You can find her climbing El Cap or running 100 (103 to be exact) miles across Alaska. Her next goal, run up a mountain and para-glide down it. This way she can get hill work in and save herself the stress of the downhills from time to time. 

Oh and I'm forgetting one thing. Naomi lives out of her van full-time! Tune in to this beautiful story of adventure, giving, and finding oneself through conquering new frontiers. 

Mantra: "Never give up. Just keep moving. It's not that bad!"

Website: www.naomiplasterer.com

Mapped Runs: www.naomiplasterer.com/mapped-runs/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/naomiplasterer/

Running Accomplishments:

Climbing Accomplishments:



Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 7.41.29 PM.png



Episode 7-Nike Trail Athlete Keely Henninger

Keely runs distances farther than some of us drive a car. This week Keely Henninger joins the show to discuss the power of ultra endurance running and what it means for other areas of life. Hear about her experiences with Nike, running research, and the thrill of the trail.

Check out this episode for some high quality inspiration! Keely drops some serious food for thought.

Photo: James Kao Foto

Photo: James Kao Foto

Photo: James Kao Foto

Photo: James Kao Foto







Episode 6-Jamie Nguyen

"I can master a movement but it doesn't mean I am the master."-Jamie Nugyen 

Jamie is a powerhouse of a professional. Working in corporate fitness at one of the tech giants in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jamie constantly works alongside some of the brightest minds in the world.

Jamie does not fear the barbell. Jamie embraces the barbell and has found a way to release its powers.

She aims for her clients to become self sufficient in training and in life.

Tune in to this great talk with this fitness mogul. We discuss everything from finding empowerment with the barbell to the business of changing lives.  

Barbell Strong:



Connect with Jamie:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missjamienguyen/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missjamienguyen/



Episode 5-Brad Wirth "The Quadfather"

Brad Wirth is a man of many skill sets. From Olympic weightlifting to facilities & operations, Brad has developed skills in two unique, but similar fields. Tune in to hear how sports performance training helps Brad navigate the world of facilities & operations on-site at one of the world's largest tech companies. 

Sports Performance Charts: 

Bomenclature Article:



Virus Action Sport Performance: http://virusintl.com

@therealquadfather (Instagram and Twitter)

@The Quadfather (Facebook) 

Episode 4-Dr. David Weiman

"In the natural world, diversity is much better than not."-David Weiman 

Dr. David Weiman is a wealth of knowledge. With a background in football, track, and martial arts, DW provides information on the psychology of goal-setting and success. Dr. David Weiman has led seminars for one of the worlds largest employers on these topics.

Get ready to enjoy plenty of laughs and an abundance of information. 


WEIMAN CONSULTING: http://www.weimanconsulting.com

3 DAYS TO SUCCESS: http://www.3daystosuccess.com


Jack Lalanne:


Zen in the Martial Arts-Joe Hymas 

4-Hour Work Week-Tim Ferriss

David and Goliath-Malcolm Gladwell

War-Sebastian Junger

Emotional Intelligence-Daniel Goleman

Learned Optimism-Martin Seligman

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 7.35.47 PM.png

Episode 3-Abby Wolfe

Abby's Twitter game is top notch 

Abby's Twitter game is top notch 


Fitness is more about the journey, not the destination. 

This week, Abby Wolfe hops on the show to talk data collection, barriers getting in the way, and how her fitness journey has led her to a state of enlightenment. Abby is a strong believer in being fit without being a fitness maniac. This episode has a little bit of everything! Abby is involved with some amazing projects. Check the links below to learn more! 


Check out Live Healthier: Click Here

Check out Mint DC Blog: Click Here

Abby's Muse Profile: Click Here


Abby's Writing:

Stop the Anxiety: 5 Situations You’re (Almost) Always Overthinking at Work

7 Ways to Make Your Brain Work Better When It's Struggling

5 Career Lessons Successful People Are Sharing With You (So Listen Up!)


Contact Abby:

@shmabbywolfe (twitter)



Episode 2-David Goldman


With a wealth of knowledge in performance training and nutrition, this conversation with David will lead you on a reflective journey on how to optimize your health. David has seen the research and will challenge you to strive for a more plant based diet, minimizing animal products.

Think you'll experience a drop in performance? Think it is all just a fad? Take a listen to this stimulating conversation that will leave you with a craving for more. 

David is the Director of Fitness & Nutrition at the True North Health Center and he has quite the resume (info taken from http://www.healthpromoting.com/clinic-services/staff/david-goldman-rd). True North Health Center specializes in medically supervised water only fasting and is the largest facility of its kind in the world.

Resume Highlights:

-Masters in Applied Physiology and Nutrition (Teachers College, Columbia University)

-Registered Dietitian, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer 

-Worked with Columbia University Varsity Athletics in the domains of strength and conditioning as well as sports nutrition 

-Assisted in development of the nutrition program at the Facebook HQ and became their first dietitian 

-Director of Research and Education for the MealLogger app 

-Oversaw clinical research, including trials on hunger hormones and metabolic inflexibility 

-Current research focuses on medically supervised water-only fasting and a whole, exclusively plant-food diet, on disease prevention and management 

What prompted this conversation (must watch)? 

Dr. Greger visited Google NYC to discuss his new book - How Not to Die. The vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

Other Resources: 

-Nutrient timing revisited: Click here for research  

-Fueling the vegan athlete: Click here for research

-Vegan diets and life extension: Click here for research

Reach out to David:

True North Health Center: truenorthhealth.com

Email: david@truenorthhealth.com





Episode 1-Kristi Polizzano

She may only stand at a height of 4’11; however, Kristi Polizzano is making mountain sized moves.

To start, Kristi found a love of lifting heavy weights at a very young age. She’s competed at a few world championships for powerlifting, with her highest finish being 4th in the world as a junior competitor.

For reference, this 4’11 powerhouse has the personal bests of:

  • Squat: 300 lbs 
  • Deadlift: 315 lbs
  • Bench: 185 lbs

However, she has done something much more amazing than her competition total. Kristi just hosted the first sanctioned powerlifting meet in a prison… IN DECADES!

Kristi has found a passion in working in prison setting through her work with the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. This program involves having college students study alongside incarcerated men and women. Check out the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program here: www.insideoutcenter.org

However, just being part of this program is not enough for Kristi. She wanted to take things a step further. After finding out that there was a powerlifting team at the prison where she works, Kristi’s curiosity took over. How could she combine her two passions into a meaningful vice for incarcerated athletes? Also, what is Kristi going to do next?

Listen to this episode of The Bomenclature Podcast to hear all about this amazing journey!

*Want to get involved? Have questions for Kristi? Want to donate to incarcerated athlete powerlifting memberships and meet expenses? Kristi can be reached at kpolizzano2@gmail.com


SCI Graterford Powerlifting Results:

State Records:

Raw Open Total:

  • John Brookins 723.5 kg

Raw Open Total Push Pull: 

  • Dave Francisco 199.6 kg
  • John Brookins 492.2 kg

Raw Open Deadlift: 

  • John Brookins 326.6 kg

“H’s” Training Program:


Thanks to these great individuals for putting on this meet. More meet pictures coming soon!