Performance Power

Slowing down is no fun! Whether you're looking to set a new personal best in the pool, blow past defenders on the court, or just not feel like father time is playing games with your performance, power is a critical ingredient. Improving your power output comes stacked with performance benefits. If you're looking to develop more power without utilizing a barbell, Performance Power is the program you have been looking for.

any of these sound like you?


It doesn't take long to think about someone who moves with effortless power. Whether it is your favorite athlete or a peer who seems to just be on a different level when it comes to movement capability, powerful movement is a thing of beauty. The good news is that you can improve your ability to move efficiently and with power! Performance Power is the program to help you along the way!


One of the most noticeable effects of a lack of power is speed. Do you feel like everything you're trying isn't helping you move faster? Maybe you feel like every time you try to move quickly, your form just falls apart. Performance Power will guide you through a steady progression of movement that will equip you with the skills to move quickly and efficiently.


It is just fun to be athletic! Being able to achieve amazing feats with your body is exciting. If you're looking to improve your athleticism and have fun while doing it, Performance Power is for you! Along the way, you will get to participate in multiple testing measures that will track your progress throughout the course of this program.

This program is for you if…

You have access to a typical gym environment (dumbbells, boxes, pull up bar, medicine balls, etc.).

You don’t mind jumping, skipping, and other dynamic movements.

You don’t believe in overnight fixes and are willing to be consistent.

You understand that this program will only be successful if you put in the effort.

Program Delivery


Performance Power is delivered through a user friendly app platform. Your purchase comes with built in assessments, exercise video demonstrations, and the ability to track your progress. Let’s get started!

“Bo has been an indispensable part of my swimming program. He expertise has helped me with dryland training, which has helped prevent injury. It’s also made me a faster swimmer, and all-around more fit. He’s also a great guy, super enthusiastic, and a lot of fun to work with!”
— Judy G.