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Have you bought into the narrative that aging has to suck? Headlines galore proclaim that aging results in you having to slow down, not feel that pleasant, and not be able to do all of the things you enjoy doing. Interestingly enough, the studies that these claims reference don’t always look at individuals who choose to continue training throughout the course of his or her life. They fail to look at doers. They fail to look at people, like yourself, who act!

By landing on this web-page today, you are already taking a large step towards continued health and performance. You believe that progress is possible with the correct guidance and programming. You like to accomplish versus sit still and accept a false narrative.

When you step foot through our online training community, you’re walking into a comprehensive training program. With two levels of programming for you to utilize, nutritional resources, and customization based off training data collection, you will be equipped with the tools to succeed in performance and in life. The best part, it is only $10/month!

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 PERFORMANCE & Prevention

You will gain access to two training pathways with your membership. The performance program utilizes equipment you will find in a traditional gym. Barbells, dumbbells, TRX, and other equipment will be utilized.The prevention program only utilizes three pieces of equipment, your bodyweight, bands, and a pull-up bar! Both programs come with step-by-step instructions, video demonstrations, and simple ways to track your progress!


Is this the right program for you?

Do you thrive off of steady progression over time? Do you understand that training programs are not an overnight fix but a journey that takes consistency? Do you want to train like an athlete? Do you want to move better, reduce pain, and be challenged? Do you want to get stronger while improving quality of movement, not just muscle size? Do you want a program that works but doesn’t break the bank? Then this program is for you!

When you step foot into our training community, be prepared to unlock access to impactful resources that will help you evolve as an athlete.

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What is performance

The performance program will challenge you with a multitude of movement patterns, energy systems, and athletic abilities. This program will assist you in building strength, stability, and the ability to become a more anatomically sound athlete.

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What is prevention

The prevention program will provide a means to prevent injuries, strengthen movement patterns, and give you a foundation to train without interruptions.

Nutritional Improvement Challenges

Training is just one part of the equation. Each month you will have access to a new nutritional improvement challenge. Start with a simple behavior modification during week #1 and progress to a performance based nutrition goal by the end of the month! Each week builds upon the last and allows for attainable success!


Are you ready to optimize your performance pathway?